Choices and the wonders of Rotational Feeding.

Choices and the wonders of Rotational Feeding.

Every so often, I'd google "dog food delivery perth" to see how Wagoo is ranking organically. (Evidently, I need to focus on SEO but that's another topic, as they say).

Today, I'm also thinking about the fear of not feeding your pup a wholesome and well-balanced yet yummy and appealing meal for puppers. When I begun the journey of locating non-commercial meals for Wagsy (allergies!), I was always worried that she may not be getting a balanced diet. This was a concern when I cooked or when I bought. But, every time I run this search check on Google, I am encouraged by the healthy number of natural and homecooked dog food delivery choices that humans have here. 

So, if you're a human in Perth, in search of recipes for your pup or, looking to buy homecooked/raw prepared meals or, both - you are definitely in the right place! There are at least six of us UberEats for dogs (in a manner of speaking), at your finger tips.

So, try us all, each in turn or all at once! Either way, puppers will be kept interested with different cooking styles for flavour, as well as nutritional balanced. Happy, healthy dog = Happy family. Win, win!

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