Fussy eaters

Fussy eaters

Do you have problems convincing your dog to eat at meal times?

Wagsy is, by far, one of the fussiest dogs on this planet when it comes to food, which really makes her the most ideal and qualified candidate for the job of CTO (Chief Tasting Officer).

Don't laugh, but I have pretended to eat out of Wagsy's bowl, make loud slurping sounds and ooh's, aah's and mmm's just to coax her into eating her already human-worthy meals. Most days now, she is good with our fresh #wagoolicious meals but we're not free from her whims and fancies.

So fret not, here are some tips that may help you out when your furry one is fussed and the basic attempts such as letting them skip a meal or hand-feeding to entice do not work.

  1. Warm up the meal
    Dogs don't usually have a preference to the temperature of their food, however warming up food can release aromas that stimulate their keen sense of smell and directly improve palatability.

  2. Use Parmesan cheese
    Sprinkle a tiny bit of grated Parmesan cheese over the meal. Similarly, the pungent aroma of parmesan can get some dogs excited. With grated Parmesan, just remember a little bit goes a long way.

  3. Add a wet meal supplement
    If your dog is on a dry food or kibble diet, mixing in some wet food (canned or fresh) can entice your dog to dig into his meal.

  4. Rotation diet
    This is a fairly recent concept, but we have seen an increase in pet owners rotating their dogs on various diets either by brand or type. In fact, there are vets and nutritionists who recommend rotation feeding for variety and access to different nutrient profiles.

  5. Stop feeding table scraps
    Don't give in to those puppy eyes! Dogs can become picky eaters if you offer sugar and salt-laden human food. Slipping an occasional scrap is fine, just be mindful of what your food contains as some ingredients can be harmful to dogs.

It is important to know the difference between your dog being fussy with food versus your dog being ill. A loss in appetite could signal a health issue. It is recommended that you take your dog to the vet if you notice a continued disinterest in food or total loss of appetite.

Tell us about your fussy furry ones and the tricks up your sleeve! 

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