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Wagsimus (a.k.a Wagsy or Wagso), our 13 year-old miniature Maltese cross, came into our lives from a pet shop.

At that time, without fully understanding the nature of how mini breeds are created, we fell in love with her bright eyes, energy and little wagging tail. Before she turned one, Wagsy developed allergies to food that often gave her red, itchy skin and ear infections. Vets told us she was allergic to meat protein, so we swapped her to a store-bought vegan diet. It only helped for a while before the allergies were back, and we moved to homecooked vegan meals.

We believe all dogs are natural meat eaters so along the way, we gradually re-introduced meat to Wagsy. By studying the different types of meat and methods of cooking, we realised over the years that Wagsy’s allergies were not due to meat but the type of ingredients and preservatives often found in store-bought pet food. We are happy to share that for the past 7 years, Wagsy has not had any allergies from our homecooked meat or vegan meals.

Meet our Chief Tasting Officer (CTO)

Wagsy is now mostly blind due to primary glaucoma, a genetic condition most likely passed on through generations of breeding runts for their size. She remains the happy, waggy tail pooch with a zest for life and a keen nose for good food!

dog food

Inspired by her resilience and strength, we believe in the power of natural and balanced nutrition to sustain our loyal pets and extend their happy, healthy lives on earth.

It’s not dog food, it’s just food. We wish to pass on what we have learnt over the years by producing fresh, quality pet food that is fit for human consumption. If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for them. 

Our commitments 

Love for all creatures
big, small, furry or human. Be kind to all and thankful for the love we receive, as not all are as lucky.

Honestly fun
both at work and play, while maintaining integrity and honesty in our products and services.

Adopt, don't shop
like we did, even though we love our special store-bought Wagsy to bits! Every animal deserves to have a home to call their own and we do our part by not supporting puppy mills and irresponsible breeding.